Kenna Kristine Journal

  • You Are Loved.

    This necklace is the most recent addition to my 'Measure' collection. As I embellished the ruler with pearls and baubbles I reflect on moments I felt truly loved just for being. 
  • Happy New Year!

    “The logic of jewelry is such that it stands at once as an aspiration and a manifestation. It expresses both the subjective (what is imagined or wished for or possible) and the indicative (a statement of fact). Donning a piece of jewelry is a bid to be a better self; Wearing it affirms you have become one.” - Melanie Holcolm, Curator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
  • Tell The Story of Self Love

    The jewelry I create has the potential to represent something bigger than itself. A person, a memory, a future, a commitment, an honoring, an intention. A tangible reminder of where we have been in life and where we want to go. A symbol of the story we want to tell and the intentions we are celebrating.
  • Speak Your Truth

    This collection features a unique faceted teardrop stone. The hand-cut two-tone bead is a fusion of White Opal and Blue Lace Agate. This combination is a powerful ally in manifestation.