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About Kenna Kristine

I create jewelry for those who want to remember.

Do you find yourself getting caught up in the complexities of everyday life that you lose sight of your inherent power, dreams, and brilliance? 

You're not alone—I experience it too. It's very human to forget. It is easy to get lost in the busyness of everyday life. That's why I create jewelry that serves as a catalyst for remembrance. Each piece I create is a gentle reminder, inspiring you to embrace a life filled with curiosity and wonder. I firmly believe that jewelry can be more than a beautiful accessory; it can become a talisman, a symbol that reconnects you with your wholeness and deepens your sense of connection to the world within and around you. 

Do you need reminders of your strength, to be present, and to wonder at the beautiful world surrounding you?

Yes! You are in the right place.
kenna kristine at a craft show and at her jewelry workbench
Hello! I'm Kenna, the jewelry artist behind Kenna Kristine. 

I specialize in creating small-batch jewelry and accessory collections that reach beyond adornment and into the realm of talismans, thoughtfully crafted to inspire remembrance and empower the spirit of wonder, exploration, curiosity, and creativity in the wearer through the power of story. 

Why talismans, you ask? 

It was a chilly July morning in San Francisco. The foggy mist was thick as I ran through Golden Gate Park. I learn best when I’m moving, so I like to put on a podcast or audiobook when running.

kenna kristine running at lands end in san francisco with the golden gate bridge

This particular morning, I listened to a Ram Dass talk on the Be Here Now Network. I found some dirt single track and was on a steady pace heading towards the rollerskating rink. As I moved swiftly through the foliage, I ducked to avoid hitting my head on a large tree branch that had grown out over the trail. I returned my focus to the voice in my ear. 

"It is so fun to remember!" 

Ram Dass said with a smile. Is it fun to remember? I thought about that statement. It was counter to my perceived flaw about forgetting. After a few moments, my attention drifted. I continued to run, thinking about what I had planned for the rest of the day. But this idea of enjoying a moment of remembering stuck with me.

kenna kristine jewelry and Ram Dass Quote it is so fun to remember

I wrote about it in my morning pages and thought about it as I rode by bike to work, savoring the relief it gave me. Soon after the idea of experiencing joy in remembrance entered my consciousness, I joined a creative business networking group. We were on a Zoom call. The host asked us to share why we made jewelry. As I waited for my turn to speak, I thought about remembrance. I thought about my habit of attaching stories to my creations, and it hit me. I was making jewelry as a way of remembering! Remembering lessons I had learned and wanted to remember, to ponder, and to dive deeper. I thought there must be other people like me who want to remember.

That is why I make jewelry. Each piece I make is a powerful reminder of your inner strength, wisdom, and beauty, A talisman of remembrance worn on your body. 

With each movement, your reminder jewelry is awakened, the energy reclaimed from what is already within you. 

kenna kristine at jewelry workbench studio jewelers saw

In a commitment to continue nurturing my curiosity about the mind-body connection and its relationship to remembering, I started taking classes. I began my metal arts journey with a metal clay class through the Walnut Creek adult education program. A few years after that, I wanted to try my hand at metalsmithing, so I took a beginning class at Scintilant Studios in San Francisco. I was hooked. I bought tools and set up a rudimentary workbench at home. After metalsmithing for a few years on my own, I wanted to learn more. I stepped up my academic art commitment to study metal arts with blacksmith veteran Jack DeSilva at City College of San Francisco. After two semesters studying Jewelry Metal Arts made me more curious, so I am continuing my JMA education with Lisa M. Dagostino at Marin Community College in Kentfield, CA, and at the same time, working towards my BA in Studio Art at San Francisco State University. 

kenna kristine hand sawing metal at work bench kenna kristine in back pack at san francisco state university

As a forever-student of the Arts, the jewelry I create will continue to evolve with me as I continue to learn and grow. Each piece is unique, reflecting where I am on my journey. That is the beauty of creating small-batch collections. They have permission to be different and march to the beat of their own drum. 

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