Our Story

Hello, My name is Kenna. Welcome to my shop! I am a jewelry artist. I create Stone Stories. I use semi-precious stones and natural elements to tell stories of mindfulness, empowerment, and connection. Stones are alive, with the history of the earth. Each carries unique energy. I intuitively curate stones that align vibrationally and aesthetically to capture a story. I tell stories of the lessons I learned on my own creative journey in search of truth and purpose. My jewelry is for the creative spirit, who is walking the path of self-growth. They believe they are conscious creators who have agency and the ability to nurture a kinder and more thoughtful world. Through my Stone Stories, I aim to highlight the immense influence internal narratives have in our lives. I also hope to inspire awareness of our unbreakable connection to this earth and the human world. I wish to bring to light the environmental impacts as well as inequities within the jewelry industry. As I dive deeper into the worlds of metaphysics and geology I seek to explore the alignment of natural history and the human experience.