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Speak Your Truth


Introducing:  Speak Your Truth

This collection features a unique faceted teardrop stone. The hand-cut two-tone bead is a fusion of White Opal and Blue Lace Agate. This combination is a powerful ally in manifestation.  White Opal has a calming grounding effect while Blue Lace Agate clears the throat chakra and empowers us to speak our truth. We have a powerful tool in our possession. A tool to assist us in the conscious creation of a world, in which we wish to live. Our voice! Articulating our thoughts aloud brings clarity to the ideas and goals that matter most to us. Blue Lace Agate inspires us to trust ourselves. It helps us speak in a way that others can hear. 

'Speak Your Truth' Mantra: 
I communicate my ideas with clarity, conviction, and irresistible eloquence.

Thank you for showing up.
Thank you for celebrating
the light you bring to the world.

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