Kenna Kristine Journal

  • 100 Days of Making Project

    I feel more spacious. I feel like there are more possibilities now... More room to move around as a woman in this world. Look at what is possible! 

    Now that I have more room. I want to take up more space. 

  • WOOP - The scientifically proven method for accomplishing goals

    I worked through my concerns using the W.O.O.P method. This method is a combination of two scientifically proven practices for accomplishing goals. Mental Contrasting and Implementation Intentions.
  • You Are Loved.

    This necklace is the most recent addition to my 'Measure' collection. As I embellished the ruler with pearls and baubbles I reflect on moments I felt truly loved just for being. 
  • Add this to your tool box - R.A.I.N.

    R.A.I.N. is a four-step practice that helps us recognize our emotions so we can respond, not react, to challenging situations. It can assist in easing emotional confusion and suffering. Sharon Salzburg and Tara Brach are a few of my favorite meditation teachers that teach R.A.I.N.
  • Tell The Story of Self Love

    The jewelry I create has the potential to represent something bigger than itself. A person, a memory, a future, a commitment, an honoring, an intention. A tangible reminder of where we have been in life and where we want to go. A symbol of the story we want to tell and the intentions we are celebrating.