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Tell The Story of Self Love

Tis the Sunday after Christmas. I hope you had a holiday filled with warmth and love.

I am drinking my morning tea while I look out onto my back porch. I am reflecting on the events of the past week. It was strange, eventful, overwhelming, and satisfying. A stew of chunky emotions bathed in a thick broth of fun.

A generous dash of technology and a spoon full of creativity left me feeling warm and connected.

Can you tell I have been reading cookbooks?

I was gifted many beautiful books this year. I LOVE books! My particular favorites are on the topic of art (with lots of pictures) and cooking (with lots of pictures).

Note: I also adore the ones with no pictures. I just finished reading The Overstory by Robert Powers. I highly recommend. You will never look at a tree the same way again.

Books have the power to awaken and make possible, the impossible.  

My partner gifted me a beautiful book discussing the history of jewelry, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in NY.

‘Jewelry: The Body Transformed’

It Begins…

“Jewelry was the first art form, entering the archaeological record tens of thousands of years before cave paintings and sculpted figurines. Adorning one’s self competes with language and the creation of tools as markers of humanity.”

I know! I had no idea either... The book (which features a generous two hundred of the eight thousand pieces that are on display at the Met) goes on to discuss jewelry’s place in proving identity and status. Jewelry’s ability to represent a person, a family, or a nation. It’s strong presence in our many fables and stories and its un-breakable relationship to the body.

These are ideas I am diving into now. I see jewelry in a more meaningful way. It has had a larger impact on humanity than I knew. I have a recurring thought that holds me back in my work. A thought that keeps me from creating.

The words my inner censor whispers in my ear...

“Jewelry is frivolous, unnecessary, and glutenous. You should be doing something more important with your time.” This is untrue and a block that I am working through. 

The jewelry I create has the potential to represent something bigger than itself. A person, a memory, a future, a commitment, an honoring, an intention. A tangible reminder of where we have been in life and where we want to go. A symbol of the story we want to tell and the intentions we are celebrating.

Introducing The Light + Love Collection

Through the wisdom of the pearl,
these pieces tell the story of empathy, compassion, and self-love.

Light + Love Mantra: In light and with radical self-love I move through and overcome.
Shop The Light + Love Collection >>>

Intention bracelet DIY kits!
I am developing a new line of intention bracelets that you could make yourself at home. The idea is that you could reflect on your intention while making, braiding, beading, or knotting the bracelet. Adding even more value to your creation. Each little knot or braid or bead is capturing the energy of self-love and self-trust. The bracelet becomes a wearable reminder of your intention.

Who’s in? Want to be one of my beta testers?
Reply to this email with your 2021 intention.


The most delicious dessert I made over the holidays, by far, is Minimalist Baker’s Lemon Bars. Tart, creamy, fluffy, and crunchy!  Everything anyone could ever want in a dessert. The perfect amount of brightness during these chilly dark winter months. Make them today.

The ‘Encylopedia of Brittany’ curated by Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes. The Sonos station 
features commentary by Howard along with an eclectic mix of music that is prompted by her own influences and obsessions.

Have a beautiful New Year's Eve and Day!
Thank you for celebrating the light you bring to the world!

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