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100 Days of Making

I am making 1 piece of jewelry everyday for 100 days.

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Ear ornaments are the best ornaments. Adorne your beautiful face and amplify your intentions to all your zoommates.

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Each bracelet is designed around the pearl or stone. I look for a little quirk or interesting elements and then come up with a design that celebrates their uniqueness.

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Make a statement of keep it sublte. Kenna Kristine necklaces are an Intuitive curation of precious metals and healing stones.

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I LOVE IT omg it’s beautiful!! And Kenna wrote the most beautiful card about the journey of the pearl (reason why pearls are my favorite gem). Definitely the most thoughtful and sweet purchase I’ve received.


LOVE this necklace! Can also be worn as a bracelet which is how I've been styling it. Fast shipping and wonderful packaging! Loved the personalized note in it too!


Spectacular necklace! Kenna is an amazing artist...I have some amazing pieces. This special piece is one of my favorite. It’s so well thought out and well made! I love it!