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Unique Valentine’s Day Jewelry - See the love. Feel good.

I am always a sucker for hearts, even when it is not Valentine’s Day which it will be soon. I have a friend who dedicated February to self-love. Doctor appointments, spa days, check-ins with herself, and anything that will make her feel good and cared for. February self-love is a tradition I want to take up for myself. 

Heart and pink pearl earrings

(Brass hearts and pink pearl earrings. A reminder of self-love and compassion. Toying with balance. The asymmetric, the imperfection, draws me to an understanding of the perfectly imperfect.)


What story do you tell yourself around Valentine’s Day? Is it about romantic love, family love, friendship love, or self-love? Or maybe it is all of the above. There is never a wrong time to celebrate love.

(Heart Earrings: White pearls suspended from and suspending brass heart coins. With gold fill ear wires.)


The heart as a symbol can be powerful. Our reaction to it can range from the lows of disdain to the highs of warm fuzzies and happy tears. It all depends on what story we are telling at the moment and what we are experiencing in our lives. After a heartbreak, the sight of a heart may throw us into a downward spiral of what we have lost. Could it instead be a reminder of what we had? Having had romantic love is proof. It is possible. Wear your heart as a reminder that “love is all around” (to quote one of my favorite romantic comedies, Love Actually). We have seen and felt it and will always be there. Love may take different forms at different times. 

(Heart Necklace: Brass whole heart coin suspended from structures of bronze baroque pearl and a delicious carnelian bead. Handwoven nylon “chain”. Sliding knot closure allows for adjustable length.)


Jewelry is a wonderful of your commitment to see-the-Love. Keep an eye out for it because you will always find what you are looking for. Wear your heart jewelry to remind you to look for love. Seeing hearts is a choice. Make it a game, a scavenger hunt when you walk to work, while sitting in a cafe, look for the signs that love is all around. 

(Heart Earrings: ‘Whole Heart’ brass coins hammered into bowl shapes. Creating a space to hold. Room for love. Natural stones dangle beneath the coin. A deep red freshwater pearl. Clear quartz with joyful raspberry glitter inclusions. A pale pink rose quartz cone.)

You deserve to feel good. Look for the love.

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