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Shop Small Saturday 2020

Hello Friends,

Happy Shop Small Saturday!

I hope you all had a joy-filled Thanksgiving Day. Kevin and I cooked dinner for 2 (scroll all the way down for links to recipes) as we jumped in and out of Zoomsgivings with friends and family. It was strange not to gather this year but also a gift to virtually visit with loved ones all over the country. 

“I am grateful for…”

Our family exchanged gratitude lists in the morning on our group text thread. We met up on zoom later in the afternoon to share stories and laugh. 

In a high pitched voice... “Ken! I see you! Get off the phone now!” My Dad impersonating his car’s "voice".

I learned yesterday that my Dad’s car yells at him when he attempts to facetime while driving or if he is about to back into BBQs in the parking lot of Home Depot. 

“Hey, Kid! Don’t shine my socks!” my Dad’s impression of his shoeshine customer. 

The story began… “I got a shoe shine kit for my 7th Birthday.”  Legend has it, he would ride the city bus by himself to downtown Minnesota and offer passers-by shoe shines for a quarter. 

“Goodbye. Goodnight. I love you! Happy Thanksgiving!” We all echoed each other as the call came to a close. 

“It was great seeing you! Did I ever tell you….” The goodbyes extend by just one more childhood antidote.

“Do you remember how I used to wrap ALL the gifts at Christmas… Included the ones that were for me?”

As a child, it was very important to me that the gift wrapping coordinated with the tree decorations. I had a vision that only I could accomplish. I spent the weeks before Christmas’ wrapping all the gifts... including the ones gifted to me. (I was very particular)

I still love gift wrapping! 

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Thank you for all the love,
kindness, and value
you bring to the world.

P.S.  As I type this blog post... I am enjoying a slice of the delicious pumpkin cheesecake we made paired with my morning Mud\Wtr. 

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