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My Favorite Brass Metal Jewelry Shapes

I am unsure where this project is going, and I am having fun! I have been sketching interesting organically geometric shapes. I narrow my selections down to a few forms that are the most interesting. I transfer the shapes to a sticker sheet that I then apply to a brass metal sheet.

Following the lines as a guide, I saw the shapes out of bass metal sheets. After I saw the shapes, I file the imperfections and bevel the edges.


I sand the shapes with decreasing grades of sandpaper till I get a smooth matte finish. After I am happy with the shapes and the filing, I polish the brass shape to a mirror shine with a polishing compound and polishing cloth.

What will these brass shapes become? Maybe earrings. Maybe a necklace. Only time will tell. 


P.S. Who else loves a soothing Spotify playlist? I enjoy winding down in the evening by listening to music that puts me in a relaxed flow. My friend, breath work coach, and founder of Luna Zen, Tina, curated a beautiful playlist on Spotify that is relaxing and uplifting. 

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