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Kenna Kristine Love Letter Subscription

Announcing my February 2024 delivery of Kenna Kristine Love Letters. 

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If you have been receiving Kenna Kristine Love Letters you know that every delivery is a surprise. This month I decided to shake things up and share the extra special gift you will be receiving in your postbox. 

This month's Love Letter delivery will include a Whole Heart Coin Charm. These charms can be added to a bracelet or necklace, or you can simply keep them in your pocket. Wear your whole heart charm as a reminder to look for the love that is all around us. 

Sign up before January 31st to receive the Valentine's delivery.

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Kenna Kristine Love Letter Subscription

In a world overwhelmed by emails and notifications, discover the joy of opening your mailbox to find a thoughtfully crafted letter, a piece of art, and a touch of inspiration waiting just for you.

What's in store for you:

  • Vintage postcards
  • Illustrated quotes
  • Handmade collages
  • Exclusive gifts
  • Seasonal cheer
  • Floral photos
  • Spotify Playlists
  • Recipe cards
  • Easy art prompts
  • Postcards to send to a friend
  • And More!

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Kenna Kristine Love Letter Subscription

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The tactile pleasure of holding a handwritten letter in your hands creates a connection that transcends the digital age. Transform your mailbox into a haven of artistry, where each month brings a fresh burst of inspiration.

Kenna Kristine Love Letters

Ready to embark on this journey? Add-to-cart now and receive a paper envelope of joy delivered to your doorstep this month. Don't miss out on the magic!

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