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Introducing Ring Pendants

I crafted these vintage press-formed ring samples into pendants that you can wear together or mix with the pendants you already have. Pendants are copper or brass and have a bail with a large opening to sting your chain through. 

Each Seed Pendant holds a residue of attention. They have been loved and used, held in many hands, chosen and curated. Wear them as a reminder of your connection to the world around you. 


Gift Ideas:
- Collect two pendants and share one with a loved one. A reminder of the memories you share. 
- Do the numbers have significance to you? A reminder of your lucky number, a date, or a goal.
- Give a ring pendant as a Valentine's Day gift. A reminder of your commitment.

The vintage press-formed ring pendants look great mixed with other seed pendants like faceted stones, shells, and pearls. They also look beautiful layered with an affinity necklace.  
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This video showcases Kenna Kristine's new ring pendants crafted from vintage ring samples.

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