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ADD IT TO THE TOOLBOX - Sharron Salzburg’s ‘Loving Kindness meditation


What the world HAS now… Is LOVE, sweet love.

I am in pain over the recent mass shootings that took place in Atlanta, GA, and Boulder. CO this month. My heart and prayers go out to all the victims of these horrific events. These events may feel common. Please remember. This is not normal… and... Yes! There is something we can do about it. Violence against Asian-Americans will end. Violence against women will end. White supremacy will end. Hate will end. Shame will end. Self-hatred will end.

Love will grow. Kindness will grow. Self-acceptance will grow. 

How can we begin to create a more loving world? First, I believe there is an abundance of love in the world. I see so much love every day. The practice is to look for it. Not in a way that ignores pain and suffering but in a way that honors and amplifies the good as a way to attract more of it. It begins with us realizing how interconnected all of our lives are.

When we love ourselves, we gain the awareness and the capacity to love the world.

I have found in my own experience, self-love is not automatic. It takes practice. Here is a tool that is helping me move towards a more compassionate view of myself and others.

Sharron Salzburg’s ‘Loving Kindness meditation.
She guides us through a 20-minute practice for connection and awareness.

Through this practice, we send love to:

Someone who has helped us - To ourselves - A friend who’s doing well right now. - A friend who’s having difficulty - A gathering of friends and family - Then to all beings everywhere.

We bring them our minds-eye. We speak within or state out loud
“May you be safe, May you be happy, May you be healthy, May you live with ease.”

This practice may bring you some peace in these turbulent times.

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