Why is connection important?

Chains represent connection and strength in numbers. One link on its own can't wrap or hold. It is many links together that stand the test of time. Wear your Tube Chain Necklace as a reminder to ask for help, and to seek strength in community. Connection is our top mission in life. Seeking connection is the scariest and the most liberating thing we can do. Be brave! Be Free! Connect. 

 Tube Chain Necklace with pearls, stones, and heritage buttons.

The buttons in this Tube Chain Necklace represent connection through heritage and friendship. These buttons came from a collection that was handed down to me through my family. Also in the button collection are buttons given to me by friends who know that I like to create with found objects.

New Blog Post - Reminder about connection - Tube Chain Necklace

New arrival tube chain necklace

New blog post about connection



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